Unaffordable Baby

I’ve been really excited about writing this post.  It’s more than a year overdue, but it’s finally here.  🙂  God did so many amazing things for us as we prepared for the birth of our first baby.  He asks us to share His marvelous works with others so that He will receive praise and be glorified, and that’s the purpose of this post.  Even when we are faithless and unbelieving, He remains faithful — eternally faithful.  More than anything else, this is a testimony to His faithfulness.  He cannot and will not fail His children.  Nothing is too hard for Him.  He cares about our needs and desires, hears our prayers, and works on our behalf.

When we found out we were expecting, we knew we couldn’t afford a baby.  Some people probably think that we were crazy or even irresponsible to have a child with that being the case.  We didn’t think so.  😉  Since God gave her to us, we knew that He could afford her.  🙂  He has proved that to us over and over again…and we have learned so much as we’ve watched Him take care of her.

With our midwife, Kate, after Eva’s birth

We both (without question) wanted to have a home birth, so after we found out that we were expecting Eva we began our search for a midwife.  We soon found out that midwives are few and far between in this part of the state, and since we live in a rural area, we were even more limited.  We finally found one midwife who lived about 2 hours away, but was willing to travel to our home for the birth.  Since that seemed to be our only option, we assumed we’d use her — but after meeting her and having a couple of visits, we didn’t have peace about it.  She just wasn’t the right one.  We felt that the Lord had something different for us.Weeks and then months went by…we didn’t know what we were going to do for the birth.  We were praying hard!  🙂  A lot of dear friends and family members joined us in praying for our midwife situation.  Finally, 5 weeks before Eva’s due date, through an amazing set of circumstances, the Lord brought us a midwife who was perfect for us.  It was so worth the wait, and (although we hadn’t planned it) we ended up saving hundreds of dollars doing it that way.  🙂

As the pregnancy progressed, I started needing maternity clothes.  The Lord responded to this need in such an amazing way!  It seemed like everywhere we turned, He was providing…tops, skirts, whole bags of clothes!  I can think of at least 10 different people who gave me clothes, and some of those gave me a lot (thank you all!).  In fact, I was given so much that the only maternity clothing item I ended up purchasing during the entire pregnancy was a jean skirt.

Eva on March 16, 2011

Getting an ultrasound was something else we had prayed and prayed about.  We really wanted to find out whether we were having a girl or a boy, but it was looking like it wasn’t going to be possible.  I had done so much research, but was having a hard time finding a clinic that would perform an ultrasound for someone who wasn’t an existing client.  And of course, like any medical procedure, it wasn’t going to be cheap.  🙂  It “just happened” that we were able to go up to Maryland to visit Steven’s family when I was around 20 weeks pregnant…and it “just happened” that a very kind lady at the church up there who is a sonographer offered to do an ultrasound for us…and it “just happened” that it didn’t cost us a cent!!  It was amazing to see how something I had worked on trying to figure out for weeks was so easily and beautifully worked out by God.  His plans are always so much better than we can imagine!  It wasn’t even necessary for us to have the ultrasound, but it was a desire we had asked the Lord about, and He gave it to us.

Putting the crib together!

We were excited about getting a room ready for the baby, but I wasn’t sure how it was going to end up looking.  I hoped to be able to find a crib and other nursery items at yard sales in the spring…and maybe paint everything white so it wouldn’t look too mismatched and haphazard.  🙂  Then one day we got a wonderful message from my cousin…her little girl was ready for a bigger bed, so she wanted to know if we would like to have her nursery furniture!!!  We were incredibly thrilled and excited.  Not only did the Lord answer our prayers and provide the furniture, but He gave us a complete set — crib, dresser and changing table!  To top it off, Steven’s sister gave us a glider for the baby’s room.  And yes, you guessed it…it was light wood, just like the rest of the furniture.  🙂

We were thoroughly amazed at the baby gifts that just poured in.  We were given all the necessary items, and so many other extras!  Seriously, we’ve hardly bought anything for our own baby.  🙂  Nearly everything was given to us.  We sure are grateful to have such generous friends and family!

The awesome bedding 🙂

There was a certain crib set that I found online that I really, really liked, and really, really wanted for Eva’s room.  It was rather expensive (aren’t all crib sets these days?!) but like I said,  I really liked it, and really wanted it.  🙂  I prayed about it, and started saving some money for it, but wasn’t at all sure that I should use the money for that.  We were given some money to put towards crib bedding.  That was exciting, but it was about 1/3 of what the bedding I wanted cost.  I was torn about what to do…I sure did want that crib set, but I knew I could get something that would be serviceable for quite a bit less (you know…more practical, but not nearly as cute :P).  I remembered deliberating about what to do one night — I had a coupon that would knock about $10 off the price, but I had to buy it soon before the discount expired.  That was the night before Eva’s shower.  Less than 24 hours later, the crib bedding was on Eva’s bed!  My sisters knew which bedding I was looking at from our discussions about the baby’s room, and they had bought it for us weeks before!  They were just waiting till the baby shower to give it to us.  It might seem small to some people, but that was huge for me.  It wasn’t even a need, just a desire, but I’d prayed about it, wanted it so much, and thought and thought about how I could work it out to get it…and all along, the Lord knew how He was going to give it to me.

Summers are hot when you’re pregnant.  🙂  We had two window a/c units in our house — one in the office and the other in the baby’s room.  They really work well at cooling our house for the most part, but our bedroom is off to one side, and it was still staying very hot.  I wasn’t able to sleep well in there because of the heat, so we started sleeping on the couch, or sometimes moved our mattress into the baby’s room to sleep.  That worked well, and we didn’t really think anything of it.  So…imagine our surprise when our church gave us $250 to go buy an a/c unit for our bedroom!!!  We didn’t even know how they found out that we didn’t have one!  So for the last several weeks of the pregnancy, our room stayed blissfully cool and I slept so well.  It felt wonderful!!!  🙂

Since we don’t have insurance, we didn’t know how we were going to come up with the money to pay the midwife.  When we found the midwife we wanted, we needed to give her a $250 retainer right from the start.  We didn’t have it, but God brought it in just in time for us to pay her at our first appointment.  We still needed a huge chunk of money (and at the time, we were barely scraping by on what Steven was making with just our normal expenses).  The rest of the money was due in three monthly increments…and somehow, as irrational and illogical as it was, we had the full amount each time (on time!) to write the check.  Only God….

And as for the miracle of Eva’s birth…maybe that story will come later.  🙂

Unaffordable BabyI’ve been really excited about writing this post.  It’s more than a year overdue, but it’s finally here.  🙂  God did so many amazing things for us…
  • Anna, this post was beautiful and really fun to read! It’s amazing to hear about everything He did for y’all…He’s *so* good!!

  • What an awesome God we serve! All my life I have watched Him do this type of thing, and all my life I have smiled when people told me they couldn’t afford a baby. 🙂

  • Jan Bryan

    This is so beautiful! How exciting to hear about all the things the Lord did to provide and make everything just perfect, and what you were hoping for!

  • Barbara Laing

    What a blessing and thank you for sharing!!!!!! We do serve an awesome God, who not only provides our needs but also gives us the desires of our hearts!!!!! May he continue to bless you and your family, love you all!!!!!

  • Vicki Bennett

    Wonderful story about how our God provides for our needs and wants!

  • Okkyong Hedrick

    Thank you for sharing God’s blessings in many ways! Yes, We serve awesome God that he provides our every need when we trust him. I’m praising the Lord with you!

  • Awww! That is just a blessing. God answers prayers when he is ready. I am praying for ur family. I miss you all so much.