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And…just a blink later, he’s two. Two years, 730 days, with a bunch of beautiful, wonderful memories squeezed in there and wrapped up in our hearts forever.

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Describing Hudson…how do you even start? He’s an incredibly special little guy, a truly amazing creation of our heavenly Father. Sometimes I can hardly believe I get to be his mother…it’s a privilege I’m grateful for every day.

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Hudson has added so much joy and laughter to our lives. He’s like a little bird…singing all the time, bringing cheer and sunshine to everyone around him. He’s the kid who belts out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in the checkout line, and you don’t have the heart to stop him because he’s making the day of all those other customers around you. 😉

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There are so many things that I really admire about Hudson. He loves to make people happy. He’s always eager to give or help in some way. He begs for jobs to do…and believe it or not, he is a huge help to me already!

It’s important to him to do things well. When Eva was learning her ABCs, numbers, even sight words, he learned them too. He loves learning, and is always reaching higher, ready for the next step. He seriously loves to work, and he’s up to any challenge. When he was just 18 months, we were playing soccer in the yard, and I noticed that he was playing so hard that he was panting! Even at that age, he was very driven…giving it everything he had.

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I know he’s just barely two, but I truly admire Hudson’s self-control. He’s never thrown a temper tantrum. He responds to correction with meekness and is quick to repent. And I have to give credit to Hudson’s daddy there…he’s such a patient, gentle, consistent father, and Hudson would do anything to make him happy.

And something else I just love about Hudson — he’s his sister’s biggest fan. Anytime Eva does something, Hudson’s the first one telling her “good job” and cheering her on. He doesn’t have to be the center of attention all the time, and he’s not jealous when she gets praise and attention. He genuinely loves his sister.

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So much energy, sweetness, spunk, and humor wrapped up in this little guy. Those sparkling eyes and that little grin just melt your heart. 🙂

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Steven and I spend a lot of time just talking about different things the kids do or say, and we marvel at them. They’ve grown up so quickly, and already they’re really neat people with their own ideas, skills, personalities and reasoning. It’s amazing to have these two little people in our world. They’re our friends. Not only are we shaping their lives…they’re shaping ours.

Little son, we are so incredibly proud of you. You’re everything I ever dreamed that a son would be. I know God has some awesome plans for your life…but for now, I just want you to be my little boy. <3 Happy birthday, Hudson. I love you.

TwoAnd…just a blink later, he’s two. Two years, 730 days, with a bunch of beautiful, wonderful memories squeezed in there and wrapped up in our heart…
  • Lisa Corbett

    Anna, this is a BEAUTIFUL blog post!! The pictures are awesome, and Hudson is such a special little friend.