Happy Birthday, Hudson

It’s my baby’s first birthday, and I’m feeling sentimental and reflective (if you’re a mom, you know what I mean).  🙂  All those thoughts running through your mind…”How can he be one already?”, “He’s growing up so quickly!”, “This year went by way too fast!”.  Something about our kids turning a year older makes us stop and think about how quickly life is speeding by.

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Realizing that our baby is growing up is a little bittersweet for me. When Hudson was about 8 weeks old, I started having severe pains in my back that quickly worsened. I ended up in the ER, and after some testing, learned that I had two cysts that had almost completely destroyed my ovaries. The doctor operated immediately, and things were worse than he had originally thought. I woke up from surgery to discover that my child bearing years were over…just that fast.

Life can change so suddenly. I fully expected to be in the “mommy of little ones” phase for years — Steven and I both love children, and wanted to have a bunch. But so quickly, this season of life is passing for us. The baby days are almost over. Our last-born is a one-year-old…a walking, talking toddler. The baby things are put up, and we won’t be needing them again. In a few months, we’ll be taking the crib down, and before long, we won’t have anyone in diapers.

I know sometimes it gets hard when you have little ones, and seems like this stage of life will drag on forever. It won’t, and when it is over, you’ll wish it wasn’t. I know parents hear this a lot, but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Treasure these little years. You never know what tomorrow holds, so love and serve and hug and play with all your heart!

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And back to Hudson…it’s impossible to express how grateful I am for this little boy. God gave him to us in answer to specific prayer, and I can never thank Him enough. Hudson has filled our lives with so much joy and sunshine. From the very start he was such a happy, content, laid-back baby. I really can’t believe how easy and smooth his first year was! No sleepless nights for us with this one! 🙂

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My heart is bursting with love for our little blue-eyed boy. He is noisy, active, happy, cuddly, messy, funny, affectionate, talkative and pleasant. We often say that he’s “jolly”, and I think that might just be the best word to describe him. 🙂 I love all the unique, special things about him…his dark eyebrows, husky voice, those short little legs, the sunny disposition, his growing vocabulary, that ever-present grin…he makes every day awesome. 🙂

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It’s really neat how Hudson has completely changed the “flavor” of our family. Before he was born, we were a quiet little family, our house was neat, and we pretty much had things together. Eva is a firstborn all the way, and fit right in to our adult world. I’m so glad we had a little fella thrown into the mix to lighten things up. 🙂 No, we don’t really have that quiet, peaceful atmosphere anymore, but I wouldn’t trade the wild, crazy times for anything!  Having a little boy has changed my approach to parenting, and really, life in general. I’m a lot more relaxed and flexible now, and that makes life all the more fun. 🙂

Hudson is special. He’s special because he’s ours. And your babies are the most wonderful babies in the world, because they’re yours. Never let them forget that!

Happy birthday, little man.  I hope you know how much we love you.

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Happy Birthday, HudsonIt’s my baby’s first birthday, and I’m feeling sentimental and reflective (if you’re a mom, you know what I mean).  🙂  All those thoughts running t…
  • I love our little fella! Beautiful post, Anna. 🙂

  • Suzi Beeman

    Sweet post Anna, and precious pictures of your precious son…he is so beautiful. I appreciated your sharing your heart and love you so much!! Suzi Bee