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Welcome to the Real World, Hudson!

Well…blessed all over again! 🙂 We’re super excited to have a little fella join the family this morning- Hudson Reid Corbett weighed in at 8 lbs., fittingly shortish at 19.5″, and surprisingly happy!

Unaffordable Baby

I’ve been really excited about writing this post.  It’s more than a year overdue, but it’s finally here.  🙂  God did so many amazing things for us as we prepared for the birth of our first baby.  He asks us to share His marvelous works […]


Wow, guess this says something about how prepared I was to be a daddy!  The baby announced as being on the way (here) has a birthday this week, which is a little strange because I’m pretty sure it was just a few days ago that […]


This kind of post is fun. 🙂 Hopefully the photo explains why this ornament was my favorite. Anna handed it to me as we were decorating the tree, and we had quite the night- lots of hugs, praising our gracious God, and big grins. So…a […]

Christmas Stuff :)

So, Christmas is here, and what a year it’s been. Here are a few photos to summarize the past weeks…. My beautiful (and delightful) wife. How the Lord has blessed me. We received some very nice ornaments for the tree this year, but this one […]


We hadn’t seen any iguanas on the island, and I badly wanted Anna to see some before we left (not that she hadn’t seen an iguana before, but these are wild- and huge). So…we stopped at a botanic garden, where we actually had to be […]


Monday, Bro. Lee took us out on the water for a while…we went all the way out to Stingray City, and basically had the water to ourselves! It was beautiful. Note the hand holding. It was great to spend some time with Tim. He and […]

Camana Bay

Saturday night, after our visit to the Ritz Carlton, we met Hannah, Rachel, and Timothy at Camana Bay for some pictures and memories. Tim did an awesome job with a camera he’d never used before (not to mention shooting at night!), while the girls got […]


We had such a neat surprise on Saturday.  A couple from Good News Baptist Church gave us a beautiful dinner ($85/plate!) at the Ritz-Carlton, a 5-star restaurant!  It was an incredible experience… an opportunity we never, ever expected to have! We were met at the […]


Here's a clip of a nice big one that we saw late at night as we were driving back to the hotel.