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And…just a blink later, he’s two. Two years, 730 days, with a bunch of beautiful, wonderful memories squeezed in there and wrapped up in our hearts forever. Describing Hudson…how do you even start? He’s an incredibly special little guy, a truly amazing creation of our […]

Happy Birthday, Eva!

gentle. kind. compassionate.   thoughtful. loving. deep.   sweet. feminine. delicate.   sensitive. peaceful. affectionate.   tender. innocent. delightful.   Dear, precious little daughter…we love you. You make us so proud, grateful and happy. I’ve loved this age with you…you never went through any terrible twos, and we had so […]

A Father’s Day Tribute….

Today is an extra-special day for my husband.  It’s Father’s Day.  But this year, it has a new and very different meaning for Steven.  He’s a daddy now…and for the first time, this day is for him.  And since our baby girl can’t quite do […]

Wedding Photos

We are so grateful to Darleen Weston for her fantastic wedding photography! Click to view the entire wedding gallery.


Wedding Video

Laurie White did an absolutely amazing job directing and editing to produce an exceptional video of our wedding. She gave us four camera angles, an online live stream, and lots of candid captures for memories. Laurie, thank you! We’re thrilled! This movie requires Flash Player […]