And…just a blink later, he’s two. Two years, 730 days, with a bunch of beautiful, wonderful memories squeezed in there and wrapped up in our […]

Happy Birthday, Eva!

gentle. kind. compassionate.   thoughtful. loving. deep.   sweet. feminine. delicate.   sensitive. peaceful. affectionate.   tender. innocent. delightful.   Dear, precious little daughter…we love you. You make us so […]

Mommy is good at me!

Remembering that Father’s Day follows Mother’s Day, I thought I’d earn some points with Mommy by trying to do something special with the kids for […]

Happy Birthday, Hudson

It’s my baby’s first birthday, and I’m feeling sentimental and reflective (if you’re a mom, you know what I mean).  🙂  All those thoughts running […]

It’s Only Thunder

It's only thunder.

I’m sitting here a little before 2 a.m., in the middle of a beautiful May thunderstorm, enjoying the peaceful sound of steady, pouring rain, with […]

Welcome to the Real World, Hudson!

Well…blessed all over again! 🙂 We’re super excited to have a little fella join the family this morning- Hudson Reid Corbett weighed in at 8 […]

Unaffordable Baby

I’ve been really excited about writing this post.  It’s more than a year overdue, but it’s finally here.  🙂  God did so many amazing things […]


Wow, guess this says something about how prepared I was to be a daddy!  The baby announced as being on the way (here) has a […]

A Father’s Day Tribute….

Today is an extra-special day for my husband.  It’s Father’s Day.  But this year, it has a new and very different meaning for Steven.  He’s […]


This kind of post is fun. 🙂 Hopefully the photo explains why this ornament was my favorite. Anna handed it to me as we were […]